Will My Insurance Policy Cover the Damage if a Tree Falls on My House in Columbia?

16 Jul
Tree Fallen on House

A tree falling on a house can cause extensive damage to the structure of the building (other than shattering windows) and may even bring down portions.

The hurricane season is well underway in the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts of the United States and according to a weather prediction report published in The Charlotte Observer, this year there are more-than-average chances of landfall in the South Carolina region. Residents of Columbia (South Carolina) had a peek of things to come with the latest tropical storm, Andrea, which brushed past them a little over a month ago.

Although the storm wrecked no more damage than snapping branches, felling a few trees and blocking roads, and flooding streets, residents of Columbia are wondering if their insurance policies will cover the damage to their homes caused by a fallen tree.

Storm Scare in the Tree-Lined Columbia Neighborhoods

A tree falling on a house can cause extensive damage to the structure of the building (other than shattering windows) and may even bring down portions. Apart from disrupting the power supply, a few branches snapping in the storm and hitting the wires can start electrical fires that in turn, can damage or destroy a house and its belongings extensively. Residents of Columbia in tree-lined neighborhoods such as the University Hill Neighborhood District, Melrose Heights, and Forest Hills are particularly anxious. And they have ample reasons to be concerned.

Many homes in the historic University Hill Neighborhood District date back to the 1880s and the most modern house in the area is about 65 years old. The median price of a house here is about $220,958. However, the antiquity of the houses makes it challenging and costly to undertake renovation work should there be any damage to the structure from a falling tree.

Forest Hills too is a historic neighborhood in Columbia and boasts of old houses with unique architectural styles. The average price of a house in this neighborhood is about $157,779 and it is only natural that the owners of the high-value homes in this neighborhood will be worried about the damages their pricey and historic homes might sustain from a fallen tree after a storm or a hurricane.

Home Insurance Policy Details to Allay Homeowners’ Fears

Thankfully, homeowners in these neighborhoods of Columbia can rest assured. According to the South Carolina Insurance News Service, most standard homeowners’ insurance policies provide coverage from tree damage and this includes the various forms of damage that an insured structure might sustain, like broken windows, shattered glasses, roof damage, and wall collapses. What is more, some insurance policies also cover the expenses of removing a fallen tree from a property, up to values of $500 to $1,000. Some insurance carriers also cover the expenses of hauling a fallen tree that may block a driveway or a ramp designed for a physically-challenged person.

In this context, it is worth clarifying that most homeowners’ insurance policies in Columbia do not cover the costs of removing a tree from the premises if it has not hit any structure or a vehicle parked therein.

While it is comforting to know that insurance policies in Columbia do cover for damages from a fallen tree, home owners can additionally safeguard their properties by removing dead trees or pruning branches that hang over their or their neighbors’ houses or other structures before a storm. After all, as the wise men say, prevention is always better than the cure.








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