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Should You Buy a House or a Condo?

21 Aug

If you are in the market for a new home, there are plenty of options available, but two of the most common choices are a single-family house or a condo. There are significant differences between these two types of housing and it’s important to fully understand the differences before putting in an offer.  Here are […]

Home Auto Insurance Coverage For Kids Headed to College

24 Aug
Home and Auto Insurance Coverage for College Students

It’s back-to-school time and if your child is headed off to college there are numerous things you will have to do to make sure they have a great college experience. One of those things is making sure they are fully insured while they are studying at college. Making sure your child is properly insured not […]

Selling the family home? Consider Your Homeowners Insurance

20 Apr
Selling your home? Consider homeowners insurance rates, policy and coverage.

Selling a house can be difficult but it’s a necessity if you are moving your family to a new city or town, or just want a new place to call home. Despite the difficulty, plenty of us will be putting our houses on the market this spring. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) […]

Ways to Prevent Package Theft This Christmas

18 Dec
Avoid package theft this Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us and that means presents, lots and lots of presents. Shopping online has reached epic proportions with UPS estimating in 2015 that it shipped 630 million packages during the holiday season. Unfortunately, not everyone’s package will arrive, or more accurately, it will arrive and will then be promptly stolen from their […]

Should You Buy or Rent? 6 Factors to Help You Decide

26 May
Consider Buying or Renting

Springtime is moving time for many of us. Whether you are heading to Overland Park, Kansas, which is Livability’s number one city for families, or Cambridge, Massachusetts, Forbes top destination for Millennials, you will need to decide between renting and buying. When its time to move, one of the biggest decisions you will be faced […]

Does homeowners cover your college students belongings?

25 Aug
Does homeowners insurance cover college students belongings?

It’s time for the parents of college bound students to start feeling the pain of separation. As August winds down cars filled to the brim with laptop, tablets, printers, and beanbag chairs are headed down the highway towards campus. It seems like college students have more and more stuff to haul with them every year. […]

The majority of young adult renters (56 percent) do not have renters insurance

25 Apr
Young adults renting without renters insurance.

Young renters across the country, from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California are not carrying renters coverage and many of them are completely unaware of the benefits it provides. A recent study by Nationwide Insurance found that while millennials are renting houses and apartments in record numbers, the majority of them, roughly 56 percent, do […]