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Hey Millennials! Here is Your Insurance Checklist

16 Nov

Recommended insurance coverages can vary and change as you age, start a family and acquire more assets. We thought it might be fun to take a look at what insurance millennials should be carrying.  Millennials are defined as adults between the ages of 23 and 39 years old in 2020. Here is a quick rundown […]

I can’t pay for home and auto insurance, what do I do?

29 Apr

If you have lost your job, seen your hours cut or are simply struggling to pay your bills during the pandemic you are not alone. Millions of people have had to skip payments on everything from mortgages and auto payments to their insurance bills.  The insurance industry, as well as some state insurance departments are […]

An Ominous Signal (for some): Is Life Insurance a Thing of the Past?

13 Feb

Recent news coverage and market reports seem to suggest that life insurance may soon become a thing of the past; and worldwide insurance companies are struggling to stop their frustrated customers from surrendering their policies! Some of the major players have either downsized by selling large chunks of their businesses or they have simply disappeared […]