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What You Need to Know About Earthquake Insurance

02 Aug

California has seen a number of earthquakes recently and while none of them have done significant damage, many experts predict the “big one” may be on its way. We thought it might be a good idea to do a general review on earthquake insurance and why it is a great coverage to carry if you […]

Tips to Protect Your Home from Hurricanes in 2015

10 Aug
2015 Hurricane Risk Map

We are smack dap in the middle of hurricane season and if you live in an area where hurricanes are likely, preparing your home and family for the big one is important. Hurricanes can cause a tremendous amount of damage in a very short period of time. The costliest hurricane ever recorded, Hurricane Katrina in […]

Homeowners Can Spend Over $9K a Year in Hidden Costs

23 Jun

Finding the perfect house, getting a mortgage and moving in are just the start of the expenses you will have to deal with as a brand new homeowner. The actual amount that you will have to pay above and beyond the mortgage payment will vary but a new analysis by Zillow and Thumbtack discovered some […]

How Pests Affects Homes, Your Insurance Policy & Your Savings

10 Jun
Pests Affecting Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Household pests can take many forms. Everything from termites to mice, raccoons, birds, bats and rats just to name a few. While most of them are small, they can cause serious damage to your house, damage that will probably not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Insurance companies consider the majority of pest infestations and […]

Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving

29 Nov

Thanksgiving is just a few days and while it is a great time to gather your family, enjoy a delicious meal and contemplate everything you are thankful for, the quickest way to ruin the holiday is having to make a homeowners claim. A full house and a hot oven can lead to slips, trips, and […]

Fire Pits are a Hot Trend for Backyards Are they covered?

12 Nov
Backyard Fire Pit

Winter is getting closer every day but just because the temperatures are dropping and the snow will be flying doesn’t mean you have to close up your backyard. A fire pit can make a cold evening an enjoyable adventure and according to landscaping experts, fire pits are gaining in popularity and are a hot choice […]