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All About Sinkholes in the United States – Get Covered!

30 Aug

Even though sinkholes are relatively rare in the United States, when they do happen, the damage can be devastating. When it comes to sinkholes in the U.S., they are most common in the following states: AlabamaFloridaKentuckyMissouriPennsylvaniaTennesseeTexas Unfortunately, if you live in an area where sinkholes happen, you will need to add an additional policy or […]

States With the Highest Homeowners Insurance Rates

17 Jan
Rates Per Homeowners Insurance Type

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons when it comes to buying a new home and moving. While most people are not going to decide where to move based on the cost of homeowners insurance, it doesn’t hurt to know if you are moving to a high cost state. A study released in February 2016 […]

Sinkholes and Earthquakes Are Not Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

05 Jan
standard homeowners insurance policy

When it comes to homeowners insurance there are some perils that are not covered and others that use a different deductible formula. Clearly understanding your policy is key to making sure you are fully protected in the event that disaster strikes. Here are a few common items that are not covered by a standard homeowners […]