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Your home is your most valuable investment so use to help you shop homeowners insurance quotes in your area. We provide great home insurance companies and top-notch customer service to help you find the coverage you need at the price you want to pay. Comparing quotes for your home is easy, simply enter your zip code to get started.

Shopping and comparing multiple online home insurance quotes can be overwhelming and discouraging. With, your zip code narrows down the options so you are working with the best carriers that can provide the most competitive rates in your city. Not all home insurance companies can write insurance business in your area. And if carriers are available, they may or may not be competitive enough in terms of premium cost or the right coverage that you need to protect your home and family.

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Preparing Your Home for Multiple Quotes

All of the home insurance companies that are available have competitve rates to provide the best price and coverage for your home. It's important to realize that getting a quote from one company really depends on the home insurance companies market and the liability of risk. If you want great quotes, then you need to take advantage of home insurance discounts so you get better coverage at an affordable price. How do you do this? Well, it's easy, first, make sure you have all the information available about your home, like the year your home was built, it's size in terms of square footage, and of course any additional information that you may have about the security and safety of your home. For example, do you have a security alarm? Or a smoke detector in every room of your house? Do you live near a fire extinguisher and are you close to a fire hydrant. The are important factors about your home that help limit the risk of any time of fire or burglary.

Questions About Getting Online Quotes

  • Are homeowners insurance quotes available to everyone?
    » Yes, we can provide quotes to anyone that owns a home, mobile home or even a condo. Some areas may be restricted due to markets where carriers are not competitive or do not provide services. Please enter the zip code of the property you would like to insure.
  • How much does it cost to get multiple home insurance quotes for my home?
    » We can provide up to 12 competive home insurance quotes for free. No charge to you.
  • Are home insurance quotes different per carrier?
    » Yes, homeowners insurance policies are different per company. Some carriers may be more competitive in your area than others. Our process compares price and coverage so you can save more money on your annual premium, but also get better coverage options that may not be listed on your current policy.
  • How long does the quoting process take?
    » In as quick as one minute you can complete our online home insurance quote form. Make sure you know the details of your home, like what year your home was built, the total heated square footage of your home and the construction type. Our easy to use quoting process is fast and hassle-free. Thousands of homeowners every month use our service.
  • How many home insurance quotes do I get?
    » We can compare up to 12 home insurance quotes for your home. It's important to use our free consulting process to help answer any questions you have. We do the work for you and help you decide which policy is right for you. Some homeowners are all about price, where others want to see the best coverage options available. We can help you easily find the best of both.
  • Can I get a renters insurance quote?
    » Yes, renters insurance quotes are available, just make sure you select "Rent" under the "Do you own or rent this property" question. Please note we cannot provide renters insurance quotes in all areas.
  • Is a condo insurance policy different than a standard homeowners insurance policy?
    » Condominium insurance covers what your association's insurance policy does not cover. Which may include your personal property, liability, the additional portion of the condo and/or loss of use.
  • What's the average homeowners insurance premium in my state?
    » Please visit our Average Homeowners Insurance Rates page for more details. You can review average premiums per year and month for each state, county and city.

Comparing Different Types of Homeowners Insurance

When shopping for homeowners insurance you should be aware of the various types of insurance policies that are available.

  • HO-3: The HO-3 is considered to be the most common type of home insurance policy. This policy type protects your home against all perils, except ones that are specifically excluded. In most cases earthquake and flood damage are excluded and require a separate policy for additional coverage.
  • H0-6: The HO-6 policy type is specifically written for condos or co-ops. If you own a condo or live in a co-op building this type of policy is a necessity. A HO-6 policy covers both your personal belongings and the structural parts of the building that you own. There are 16 disasters listed on a typical policy that HO-6 protects against.
  • HO-4: If you are a renter, a HO-4 policy is a great option. Renters insurance will cover your contents as well as offer liability coverage in the event a person is injured in your apartment.

While other types of policies exist, these are the most common ones. A HO-2 is a more basic policy that offers reduced coverage levels than the standard HO-3 policy. And an HO-5 policy is a high-end policy that offers increased protection.

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