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Are Homeowners Happy with Their Home Insurance Provider?

23 Aug
Happy Homeowners Insurance Customers

A recent study by Clearsurance took a look at how happy homeowners are with their insurer and found that the residents of West Virginia were happiest when it came to their homeowners insurance while the people of Florida were the least happy. The scores were based on user reviews and ratings of their overall experience […]

Named Storm? – Get Home Insurance Coverage Now!

01 Aug
Home Insurance Now - Hurricane Season

The 2017 hurricane season was one of the busiest and most destructive ones on record. There were 17 named storms that hit the coasts and caused roughly $282.16 billion in damage. If you were affected by one of these storms and not carrying the proper insurance coverages you could end up on the hook for […]

NYC Ranks as Top US Metro With High Hidden Homeownership Costs

19 Jun
New York City Homeowners

When it comes to home ownership, the cost of your mortage is just one of many expenses you will need to factor into your monthly bills. While closing costs and the 20 percent down payment your mortgage lender will require are big upfront expenses, often it’s the smaller, ongoing bills that make a house truly […]

States With the Highest Homeowners Insurance Rates

17 Jan
Rates Per Homeowners Insurance Type

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons when it comes to buying a new home and moving. While most people are not going to decide where to move based on the cost of homeowners insurance, it doesn’t hurt to know if you are moving to a high cost state. A study released in February 2016 […]

Storms Bring Insurance Worries for Coastal Residents

13 Sep
Hurricane Hermine

Hurricane season is in full swing and the East coast could take a beating this year with North Carolina researchers predicting a total of 15 to 18 tropical storms and hurricanes forming the Atlantic basin in 2016. This is a statistically significant change from the 11 named storms that have been the average from 1950 […]