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The Best Way to Check the Financial Strength of Home Insurance Companies

03 Apr

If you are switching insurance companies, you should always check the financial strength of any insurer you are seriously considering. While an affordable premium is always a plus, if your insurance company cannot afford to pay when you file a claim, the savings will certainly not be worth it.  A.M. Best is a credit rating […]

Did you know? Your Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover…

29 Nov
Two thoughtful companions ponder on future project, work together as team, stand closely, drink latte or coffee, look with pensive clever expressions at camera. Female and male tourists indoor

While homeowners insurance covers a variety of perils and protects your home and personal possessions, it does come with a number of exclusions and coverage gaps that can result in you having to cover the cost of certain damage out of pocket.  Let’s have a quick look at what your homeowners policy does and doesn’t […]

Should I bundle my insurance policies or keep them separate?

25 Sep

Bundling insurance policies simply means buying different types of insurance policies from the same insurance company. The most common type of bundling is usually a car insurance and home insurance policy, but bundling can include other policy types such as life insurance or even an umbrella policy. However, while bundling is a pretty common tactic, […]

AirBnB Homeowners Insurance Guide to Renting your Home

24 Jul

If you are considering renting out your home or a portion of your home as a short-term rental, one of your first concerns should be making sure you have the proper homeowners insurance for your rental property.  The proper homeowners insurance coverage will make sure you are fully protected in the case of damage to […]

Financing Guide to Solar Power for Residential Real Estate

24 May

Solar power boomed in 2022 with residential solar projects growing by a shocking 40 percent according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. This was the result of a recording setting 700,000 homeowners installing solar into their homes.   In most cases, a homeowner will have to finance a solar system as they tend to be expensive. […]

How can I get home insurance after non-renewal letter?

12 May

In most cases, when your homeowners insurance policy nears its end date, your insurer will send you a renewal notice to continue your coverage. However, in some situations, you could receive a nonrenewal notice which means your insurance company is no longer interested in having you as a customer.  If your insurer chooses not to […]

Your Loss Assessment Coverage Guide

06 Apr

Regardless of whether you live in a townhome, a single-family home or a condo there is the possibility that your property is part of a homeowners association (HOA). An HOA is simply an association based in your neighborhood that is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of common areas, certain amenities, and services in your neighborhood. […]