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How to Use Smart Devices to Help Protect Your Home from Major Damages 

13 Dec

A recent Nationwide Insurance survey found that most homeowners are not using smart devices to help protect their homes from major damages as well as get a discount on their homeowners insurance.  According to the survey, 91% said they did not have sensors that monitor water flow and leaks which can help prevent massive water […]

How To Avoid Claims and Higher Home Insurance Rates

28 Aug

Maintaining your home and performing preventive maintenance is a necessary expense for homeowners and delaying it can end up being more expensive in the long run.  A recent survey by Nationwide Agency Forward survey of U.S. homeowners found that many homeowners are delaying or simply not performing preventive maintenance on their home before it becomes […]

How to Find a Great Homeowners Insurance Company

08 Feb
Business woman illustration. A woman is making observations with a magnifying glass.

Purchasing a home is a major investment and protecting it with homeowners insurance is an absolute must. However, there are differences in insurance companies and just like every other consumer product, some insurers will be a better fit for your needs than others. Finding the right insurance company can take some time and research so […]

Best Way to Read Your Home Insurance Policy

02 Feb

Purchasing home insurance is an absolute necessity and is an important part of your financial portfolio as a homeowner. Understanding the coverages that your policy provides is also extremely important.  While a home insurance policy can seem complicated, they are typically pretty standard and not that mind bending if you have a basic understanding of […]

What to do if your Florida Homeowners Policy is Cancelled

27 Jul

Recently, Demotech, a rating agency which rates 40 Florida-based insurance companies, announced that it plans to downgrade 17 Florida-based property insurance companies from an “A” rating to ratings of either “S” for substantial or “M” for moderate, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. A rating decrease will raise costs for these insurers which will […]

Flood Zones: How to Determine If You Need to Carry Flood Insurance

13 Jul

Flood insurance can be a financial lifesaver if your home is flooded and, in some cases, carrying flood protection is required. If your home is located in specific flood zones, you will be required to cover flood insurance and in many cases your lender may require flood coverage if they feel the home is at […]

Dwelling Insurance Coverage Guide

16 May

A standard homeowner policy protects your home, but it is made up of a variety of different parts, each one designed to protect a different section of your home or property. When it comes to the structure of your home, it is the dwelling coverage that steps up to protect your house.  Keep reading to […]