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All About Sinkholes in the United States – Get Covered!

30 Aug

Even though sinkholes are relatively rare in the United States, when they do happen, the damage can be devastating. When it comes to sinkholes in the U.S., they are most common in the following states: AlabamaFloridaKentuckyMissouriPennsylvaniaTennesseeTexas Unfortunately, if you live in an area where sinkholes happen, you will need to add an additional policy or […]

2020 Hurricane Season and Insurance Cancellations

23 Jul

The Atlantic coast may see a busier than normal hurricane season this year and if coastal property owners have an issue paying their insurance premiums, leading to cancellations, the economic toll from a major hurricane could become much worse.  As an example, in 2017, Hurricane Harvey flooded 204,000 homes and apartments which caused roughly $16 […]

Seven Most Common Questions We Get About Flood Insurance

17 May

Even if you live outside of a high-risk flood zone you should consider flood coverage. According to government statistics, over 20 percent of flood claims come from properties outside of high-risk flood zones. Spring is here which brings flood danger to many parts of the country. If you live in an area where flooding is […]

Are Homeowners Happy with Their Home Insurance Provider?

23 Aug
Happy Homeowners Insurance Customers

A recent study by Clearsurance took a look at how happy homeowners are with their insurer and found that the residents of West Virginia were happiest when it came to their homeowners insurance while the people of Florida were the least happy. The scores were based on user reviews and ratings of their overall experience […]

Named Storm? – Get Home Insurance Coverage Now!

01 Aug
Home Insurance Now - Hurricane Season

The 2017 hurricane season was one of the busiest and most destructive ones on record. There were 17 named storms that hit the coasts and caused roughly $282.16 billion in damage. If you were affected by one of these storms and not carrying the proper insurance coverages you could end up on the hook for […]

Review Your Insurance Coverage Before the Spring Storm Season

07 Mar
Home Insurance Coverage and Spring Storm Season

As we enter the spring storm season it is a good time for homeowners to review their insurance policies and have a complete understanding of their coverage before a major storm hits. It is important to make sure you have a full understanding of what coverages you have as well as any gaps that may […]

People’s Trust Insurance Hurricane Guide Helps Floridians Prepare for Hurricane Season

15 May
Florida home insurance and hurricanes

Hurricane season is just around the corner and last year’s extremely active season was a major wake-up call for residents of Florida, North Carolina and other coastal states. In order to help Florida residents make sure they are prepared, People’s Trust Insurance recently released a hurricane preparedness guide to help their customers and homeowners in […]

States With the Highest Homeowners Insurance Rates

17 Jan
Rates Per Homeowners Insurance Type

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons when it comes to buying a new home and moving. While most people are not going to decide where to move based on the cost of homeowners insurance, it doesn’t hurt to know if you are moving to a high cost state. A study released in February 2016 […]

Complete Guide to Hurricane Insurance

27 Jun
Hurricane Protection and Coverage Guide

Your home is not only the place where you live, raise a family and make memories, in most cases it’s also your biggest and most valuable investment. Properly protecting this investment is a necessity and homeowners insurance can help make sure your home is rebuilt in the event of a disaster. While homeowners insurance offers […]

Sinkholes and Earthquakes Are Not Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

05 Jan
standard homeowners insurance policy

When it comes to homeowners insurance there are some perils that are not covered and others that use a different deductible formula. Clearly understanding your policy is key to making sure you are fully protected in the event that disaster strikes. Here are a few common items that are not covered by a standard homeowners […]