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Coastal South Carolina Home Insurance Rates

30 Dec
Coastal Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina is an amazing place to call home. It is overflowing with world-class cities, beautiful beaches, museums, and restaurants. It is truly a wonderful place to live. Unfortunately, some of our beautiful coastal cities, Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Hilton Head as an example come with some pretty high homeowners insurance premiums if you live […]

Am I underinsured for hurricane damage?

26 Aug

Tropical Storm Henri hit the Northeast pretty hard over the last week and for many homeowners the pain caused by the storm could just be getting started. Unfortunately, many homeowners may be underinsured or not have the right coverage in place when it comes to tropical storm and hurricane damage. A recent study by Policygenius […]

What can increase the cost of your homeowners insurance?

28 Oct

If you are in the market for a house, the cost of homeowners insurance is probably not your number one priority but some homes come with risks that could dramatically up the cost of insuring your new home. Knowing what risks can be an insurance issue with a home can help you save not only […]

Hurricane Isaias is on the same track as Hurricane Dorian – What can we expect?

05 Aug

Hurricane Isaias is on roughly the same track as Hurricane Dorian and is the first hurricane to hit the Bahamas since Dorian stalled over the islands as a Category 5 monster killing dozens of people and causing massive destruction.  Here is a quick overview of both storms as well as a few tips on how […]

2020 Hurricane Season and Insurance Cancellations

23 Jul

The Atlantic coast may see a busier than normal hurricane season this year and if coastal property owners have an issue paying their insurance premiums, leading to cancellations, the economic toll from a major hurricane could become much worse.  As an example, in 2017, Hurricane Harvey flooded 204,000 homes and apartments which caused roughly $16 […]

New Features That Lower Your Coastal South Carolina Home Insurance

29 Oct

Hilton Head, SC, Lighthouse Just like a standard homeowner policy, South Carolina windstorm policies offer zero protection against flood damage, in order for your home to be fully protect you would need to carry a separate flood insurance policy.  If you are unable to find coverage in the private market you may need to purchase […]

Coastal Homeowners in Denial: FEMA urges homeowners to buy flood insurance

23 Sep

Congress is getting ready to send President Donald Trump the thirteenth 60-day extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) as the current one expires at the end of September. The NFIP has been in serious financial trouble for years but Congress has been unable to agree on how to fix the ailing program.  The […]

Thousands of Homeowners in the path of Hurricane Dorian Cancelled Their Flood Insurance

11 Sep

According to a recent analysis by E&E News of government data, tens of thousands of homeowners who were in the path of Hurricane Dorian dropped their flood insurance in recent years. The analysis found that both homeowners and owners of commercial buildings have been giving up their flood insurance policies despite the fact that their […]

What Does Insurance Cover After a Natural Disaster

06 Sep

Hurricane Dorian approaching the Carolinas – September 5, 2019 Hurricane Dorian did major damage in the Bahamas and is currently lashing out at the Carolinas. If your home has been damaged or destroyed by Dorian or another major weather event, you probably have questions about just what your homeowners insurance will cover. We are here […]