Low-Cost Home Security Options to Keep Out Thieves

28 Jul
Cheap Low Cost Home Security Systems

According to industry experts, the majority of burglars and thieves are opportunists who look for an easy target. If your house fits the bill, there is a much better chance of being robbed.

While having a professionally installed and monitored security system will definitely keep your home safe and secure, it will also drain thousands of dollars out of your bank account. Despite what security system salespeople will tell you, there are many low cost ways to help keep your home and belongings safe, as long as you are not an internet billionaire with a house full of collectibles and a garage full of supercars.

Technology has helped reduce the cost of home security and home surveillance cameras greatly. In most cases you can install them yourself. In addition, there are a number of low-tech solutions that cost very little but will help enhance your home security.

According to industry experts, the majority of burglars and thieves are opportunists who look for an easy target. If your house fits the bill, there is a much better chance of being robbed.

The latest in security

It is easy to spend thousands of dollars on a high quality system which will almost certainly require a monthly monitoring fee that can run between $30-$50. On the other hand, less costly, do-it yourself, plug and play options hit the market every day. Options vary, some of them will notify your phone via text or call if an intruder is detected.

The most basic of systems will at least make a loud sound when your house is entered. This alone can scare off would be intruders. Many of the new systems are plug and play. An easy to install camera can be controlled via an app that allows you to cycle between cameras and even zoom in and out. There are cameras that transfer the footage to a hard drive or even cloud storage so that it can be reviewed later if necessary.

While all of this sounds easy, experts do recommend that you have a basic understanding of the system before your start the installation, and if you find it beyond your skill level, bring in a professional to finish the job. Ensure that the system includes both window and door sensors.

Another reason to consider a security system is that in most cases your homeowners insurance will offer a discount. The discount varies by insurer but it can be significant, up to 25 percent.

Low Cost Solutions

If you are not up for a more upscale system, even a do it yourself one, there are some easy and cheap solutions that can help secure your home. Here are just a few suggestions to consider:


According to experts in the lock industry, the majority of doorknob locks can be defeated. A pipe wrench can easily shear off the locking mechanism. Installing a deadbolt is a much more secure option. The lock will not break but there is a chance the wood around the doorjamb will come apart if enough pressure is put on it. Despite this weakness, a deadbolt is much more secure than a regular lock.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are an easy target for thieves and can be opened by an experienced burglar quickly and without much effort. Lay a broom handle or metal pipe cut to the correct size in the sliding door track when it’s locked. This makes the door very difficult, if not impossible to open.

Light it Up

Thieves love to work in the dark so make sure the outside of your home is well lit. Motion detector lights that pop on whenever anyone approaches the house are inexpensive and will ensure a thieve skips your house. These are fairly easy to install but if you are concerned about working with electrical, call in a professional. The deterrence they provide will be well worth the cost.

I am home

When away for an extended vacation, give the appearances that you are home. Use inexpensive timers to turn on lights and even the TV at different times of the day so it appears that you are home. Have your paper stopped or ask a neighbor to pick it up so there is not a stack of newspapers on your driveway, which is a dead giveaway the house, is empty. If it is wintertime arrange for your sidewalks and driveway to be shoveled and ask a neighbor to drive their vehicle into you driveway once or twice to leave tracks in the snow.


It does without saying that all windows should be locked when you head out of town. Consider planting thorn bushes under our windows which can make it much more difficult for a thieve to climb in and may persuade them to move on to the next house. A few good choices are Voodoo roses, and Pyrcantha.

While all of these measures are a great start, there is no way to absolute guarantee that a burglar will not make their way into your house at some point in your life. If the worst does happen, a solid home inventory will ensure that you are paid in full, quickly and fairly by your homeowners insurance.

There are a number of apps available that make this tedious process much less burdensome. You can snap a photo, enter the product details and add it to our inventory. Experts recommend updating your inventory once a year or anytime you make a large purchase.

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