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Setting Your Deductibles as High as Possible is a Moneysaver

28 Dec
Moneysaver tips for homeowners and insurance deductibles

When it comes to saving money on your home and auto insurance there is a right way and a wrong way to get the job done. Lowering your coverage levels, which puts your financial future at risk, is always a horrible idea. Adjusting your deductibles, which can result in a significant premium decrease is the […]

How to Use Smart Devices to Help Protect Your Home from Major Damages 

13 Dec

A recent Nationwide Insurance survey found that most homeowners are not using smart devices to help protect their homes from major damages as well as get a discount on their homeowners insurance.  According to the survey, 91% said they did not have sensors that monitor water flow and leaks which can help prevent massive water […]

Home Insurance Guide for Retirement & Senior Citizens

27 Mar

Retirement will impact your financial portfolio in number of different ways. Moving stock market assets to less risky funds, possibly downsizing into a smaller home and reassessing your insurance needs are all things you should consider when it is time to leave the workforce.  We thought it would be a good idea to have a […]

California Proposes Insurance Discounts for Wildfire Mitigation

21 Apr

Recently, the California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara proposed a regulation that would not only stop insurance companies from overcharging homeowners who have done wildfire mitigation to reduce their risk of wildfires but would also require insurers to take these mitigation efforts into account when deciding on a premium or whether to insure a specific property.  […]

Homeowners Not Ready For Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems

07 Sep

According to a recent survey commissioned by Policygenius, consumers are not yet ready for their insurance claims to be reviewed exclusively by an artificial intelligence (AI) system. In fact, only 17 percent said they would be comfortable letting an AI system review their claim data and a whopping 60% of consumers said they would rather […]

Top Five Most & Least Expensive States for Homeowners Insurance

10 Feb

One of the major costs of owning a home is properly insuring it. The cost of homeowners insurance can vary dramatically by state but regardless of where you live, you are most likely paying more for homeowners coverage than you did a few years ago.  According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, home insurance rates […]

Which states face the biggest risks to climate change?

09 Aug

There is no doubt that climate change will impact everyone’s future but as sea levels rise, temperatures climb and more hurricanes, tornados and forest fires hit the United States, it will impact some states harder than others.  Recently, ValuePenguin used data from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and found that three states, Louisiana, New […]

Homeowners Insurance Rates Have Gone Up In Every State

13 May

If your homeowners insurance premium has been on an upward trajectory for the last few years, you are not alone. A recent study discovered that homeowners insurance rates have gone up in every state over the last decade and in the midwest the rate increases have been pretty dramatic. The reason for these rate increases […]