9 Surprising Things Covered by Homeowners Insurance

05 May
Top Surprising Things Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance

9 Things Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance

Most of us think of falling trees, damaged roofs and water leaks when it comes to homeowners insurance but you may be surprised at a few other perils that it covers. Everything from alien spaceships crashing into your roof to a cancelled wedding is protected by your homeowners insurance.

Here are just a few of the more unusual risks that homeowners insurance protects against:

Falling Objects

While its much more likely that a meteor, satellite or plane part will crash through your roof, if it does turn out to be an alien spaceship, you are still covered. A standard homeowners insurance policy covers space debris under the “falling objects” section of the policy.

Missiles are also covered in the event that a warhead smashes your roof, as are parts that fall off an airplane.

Hopefully, none of these things will ever happen to your home but its good to know you are covered, just in case.

Dorm Room Theft

If your college student experiences a theft from their dorm room, it should be covered. As long as your child lives at home when they are not at school, your policy should offer protection. Coverage can vary so check with your insurance company before they head off to college.

If your insurer does not offer coverage for property located off your premises or your student lives on campus year round, consider a renters policy, especially if they are taking expensive electronics with them.


Relocating or rescheduling a backyard wedding due to severe weather can not only be annoying, it can be expensive.

Luckily, your homeowners policy may help cover some of the costs. Coverage can vary dramatically by policy so before you send out the invites, check with your agent to see if coverage is offered. It may be necessary to add a “special event” policy that covers a specific event, like your wedding.

Carefully look at liability risks, especially if you are serving alcohol. Booze can lead to falls, trips, fights and car crashes, all of which can result in a lawsuit if you over serve someone. Check your liability coverage levels and make sure you are carrying enough coverage or consider a liquor liability policy for the wedding.


Dog bites can be serious and lead to a lawsuit if your doggy takes a chunk out of someone. Coverage does vary by insurer but in most cases the liability portion of a homeowners policy will protect you from damages your dog may do.

Be aware that many insurers exclude certain dog breeds and pit bulls are usually on the top of the list. Check with your insurer regarding your coverage and any breeds that may be excluded.

Defamation and Libel Suits

A homeowners policy will cover legal fees for a libel suit in the event someone sues you for libel or defamation of character. Your liability insurance will cover the cost of your defense and any court awards up to the limits of your policy.

This can be a financial lifesaver as legal fees can quickly add up, even if the claims made against you turn out to be false.

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While homeowners in Iowa are probably never going to make a lava related claim, residents in Hawaii, Alaska, Washington and Oregon may have cause for concern. Luckily, most standard homeowners policies will cover damage from lava or ash damage due to a volcanic eruption.

However, other natural disasters may not be covered, specifically flooding and earthquake damage. If you live in a flood prone zone or ground zero for earthquakes, you will need an additional policy.


This is sort of a weird one but can be extremely handy under certain circumstances. Under most homeowner policies, urns, gravestones and mausoleums are covered as a valuable. If they are damaged by the weather, vandalism or theft you should be covered. Coverage levels and deductibles vary so check with your insurer if you have suffered a loss.


If your home is located in the wrong place at the wrong time it could be damaged in a riot. Victory celebrations (think local sports team wins) and protests have a way of getting out of hand and before you know it, windows are broken, graffiti is sprayed or fires break out.

Your homeowner policy should cover the damage up to your policy limits but your deductible would apply.

Terrorist Attacks

Finally, if your home is damaged due to a terrorist attack you should be covered. Damage from fire, smoke or explosions would all fall under the protection of your homeowners policy.

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