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North Carolina Joint Underwriters and Wind Pool Map Explained

30 Nov
North Carolina Coastal Counties

North Carolina is a lovely state to call home. Our state is packed with beautiful cities, museums, restaurants and of course, some of the loveliest beaches in the country. Unfortunately, if you live in one of our amazing coastal southern cities such as Ocean Isle Beach, Holden Beach, Oak Island Beach, Calabash, Bald Head Island, […]

5 New Homeowners Insurance Companies Step into the Florida Insurance Market

27 Sep

Florida’s property insurance disaster may be taking baby steps in the right direction as five new insurers step into the Florida market, taking over hundreds of thousands from Citizens Property, Florida’s insurer of last resort. This could lead to more insurance options for residents of the Sunshine State soon. The five companies in the mix […]

2023 Hurricane Idalia – Clean Up Begins & What Now for Florida Homeowners

08 Sep

Hurricane Idalia recently made landfall in Big Bend as a Category 3 storm, killing at least three people in Florida before moving onto Georgia and other East Coast states before it weakened into a tropical storm. The storm left over 330,000 people without power. In recent years, Florida communities have been hit by a string […]

The Perception of Home Insurance Fraud in Florida: Unraveling the Skepticism

24 May

Florida, renowned for its stunning coastline and warm weather, has long been a popular destination for homeowners. However, amidst the tranquil palm trees and sandy beaches, a notable segment of Floridians holds a deep-seated skepticism towards home insurance companies. While it is essential to acknowledge that not all residents share this sentiment, it is worth […]

How can I get home insurance after non-renewal letter?

12 May

In most cases, when your homeowners insurance policy nears its end date, your insurer will send you a renewal notice to continue your coverage. However, in some situations, you could receive a nonrenewal notice which means your insurance company is no longer interested in having you as a customer.  If your insurer chooses not to […]

Coastal South Carolina Home Insurance Rates

17 Apr
Coastal Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina is an amazing place to call home. It is overflowing with world-class cities, beautiful beaches, museums, and restaurants. It is truly a wonderful place to live. Unfortunately, some of our beautiful coastal cities, Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Hilton Head as an example come with some pretty high homeowners insurance premiums if you live […]

Best Way to Read Your Home Insurance Policy

02 Feb

Purchasing home insurance is an absolute necessity and is an important part of your financial portfolio as a homeowner. Understanding the coverages that your policy provides is also extremely important.  While a home insurance policy can seem complicated, they are typically pretty standard and not that mind bending if you have a basic understanding of […]

What is a Homeowners Association (HOA) Insurance Policy?

18 Nov

If you live in a development that has a Homeowners association (HOA), you already know they are designed to maintain the shared community parks, playgrounds and even swimming pools. However, a HOA comes with a fee that can be monthly, quarterly or even yearly. These HOA fees are used to cover repairs or upgrades to […]