7 Home Heating Myths We’d Like to Debunk!

01 May

One of the most essential systems in your home is the heating system. It keeps you warm and toasty in the winter but by falling into a few home heating myths you can actually make your system less effective and push up your monthly heating bill. We worked with Logan AC & Heat Services in Ohio to debunk these common home heating myths.

Myth 1: Closing vents and registers in unused rooms saves money

The heating system in your home was designed and sized to heat the air in all of the rooms in your home and closing off vents doesn’t help lower your bill, in fact it can end up damaging the system. Closing off vents can actually cause additional pressure to build up in the system, causing leaks which wastes both money and energy. We recommend leaving all vents and registers open. 

Myth 2: Turning off the furnace when I leave home saves money

The majority of industry experts recommend leaving the system on, even when you are gone. The money saved will be minimal compared to the stress you put on the system bringing the temperature back up when you get home. While you shouldn’t shut the system down when you leave, turning the temp down a few degrees will put a little coin back in your pocket and not stress the system. 

Myth 3: Using space heaters to warm up cold spots is a good idea

Space heaters can be a fire hazard and are rarely effective in heating a home, even a small space. Instead, have your heating system inspected to determine why it is not effectively heating your entire home. It may be a quick and inexpensive fix to get your entire home heated properly.

Myth 4: I don’t need a tune up as long as my heating is working

Heating systems are complex and industry experts recommend an inspection, cleaning and tune up every year. This can help identify any minor issues before they become major repairs. It also ensures that your system will always be working as efficiently as possible. 

Myth 5: Don’t replace a furnace unless it stops working

There are few things worse than a dead furnace in the middle of the night during a snowstorm. It happens and if you wait until your furnace dies to consider a replacement you may end up paying too much and having to make quick decisions about a very important system in your home. When your furnace starts getting to the end of its useful life you should have an expert come out to walk you through your options. 

Remember, when shopping for a new furnace, price should not be the only consideration. A well-designed system, expert installation and top-notch customer service should be your main priorities when looking for a new furnace. 

Myth 6: Bigger is better when it comes to furnaces

The best furnace for your home is one that is designed specifically for your home. Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes heating systems. A professional will take the time to look at the size and layout of your home as well as the quality and design of your ductwork to recommend the right furnace for you. Oversized systems can end up short-cycling from frequent transitions between on and off modes which puts additional wear and tear on the system and can easily lead to a breakdown. 

Myth 7: Only consider the best brands

While you should certainly consider the best brands available, in most cases, the design and installation of the system is more important than the brand name on the actual furnace. Even the best furnace in the world will do a poor job of heating your home if it is installed incorrectly. Ask friends and family for recommendations and read plenty of reviews before choosing a company to install your new system. Once you have found a highly qualified installer, choose the actual furnace. 

Infographic: 7 Home Heating Myths We’d Like to Debunk!

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