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Seniors & Low Credit Scores Pay More for Home Insurance

17 Aug

According to a recent report by Matic a leading insurtech platform, increasing homeowner insurance premium impact homeowners who have a FICO score below 580 disproportionally. In addition, senior homeowners are more likely to be overpaying for coverage.  Matic, which launched in 2017 has been collecting and analyzing data as they have been selling home, auto […]

What is a new mortgage refinance fee?

11 Sep

As interest rates continue to hit new lows, many homeowners have considered refinancing their mortgage. If you fall into this category, it is best to get the process started if you want to avoid a new mortgage refinance fee that is being rolled out by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored mortgage giants who […]

How to Cut Your Expenses and Shore Up Your Finances

28 Jul

The end of the extra $600 per week unemployment benefit will happen this week if Congress doesn’t manage to pass an extension and that could be a huge problem for many families. Over the last few months, Americans who qualify for unemployment insurance have received an extra $600 a week in federal assistance on top […]

I can’t pay for home and auto insurance, what do I do?

29 Apr

If you have lost your job, seen your hours cut or are simply struggling to pay your bills during the pandemic you are not alone. Millions of people have had to skip payments on everything from mortgages and auto payments to their insurance bills.  The insurance industry, as well as some state insurance departments are […]

Mortgage Payment Relief 2020: Tips & Questions

21 Apr

Homeowners across the country are suffering as unemployment climbs across all industries, making it difficult for many homeowners to cover all of their bills. The Federal government, as well as some private mortgage companies are offering a bit of help by allowing some homeowners to apply for mortgage relief. While this sounds great, there can […]