Raleigh (NC) Homeowners Gear Up to Pay More in Premiums

08 Jul
NC Rate Bureau Homeowners Territories

Map of the North Carolina Rate Bureau Homeowners Territories

The new home insurance rates for property owners in Raleigh (North Carolina) have just been put into place, from the 1st of July 2013. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the Insurance Commissioner of North Carolina had approved a seven percent average rate hike on homeowners’ insurance policies across the state this year in March, the first time in many years. The percentage of rate hike will vary across the state, ranging from just 1 percent increase in areas such as Greensboro and Winston-Salem to a whopping 20 percent rise in the island regions. Homeowners in Raleigh will have to shell out 2.8 percent more for their insurance premiums when they renew their policies.

By the Numbers

Although the insurance rate hike in Raleigh is lower compared to some other regions of North Carolina, it is worth remembering that the insurance premium rates here have been traditionally higher compared to those in other parts of the state. After all, the median household income (at $46,612), the median family income (at $60,003), and the median per capita income (at $25,113) values in Raleigh are more than the state average values ($39,184, $46,335, and  $20,307 respectively).

Higher Costs

The average home insurance premium rate in Raleigh in May 2013 that is, before the rate hike, was $595. The premium rates vary across different neighborhoods of the city depending on the area of the home, the location, the specific features of the property, and factors like whether the homeowner had bundled several policies with the same insurer and the wind- and water-resistant features incorporated in the house. And of course, the premium rates for high-valued properties are higher.

Home Price Discrepancy

For instance, in neighborhoods of Raleigh such as North Hills and Northwest Raleigh, the average price of a house in June 2013 was approximately $690,000 and $380,000 respectively. Homeowners here pay more insurance premium than those in neighborhoods like Northeast Raleigh where the average price of a home was about $175,000 in the same time period and the average premium on a homeowners’ insurance policy was $454 before the rate hike came about.

Home insurance carriers tend to determine premium prices based on several dynamic factors. The popularity of a certain neighborhood too is a critical consideration when determining premium prices.

For instance, the average price of a house in Southeast Raleigh is about $125,000 but the average premium payment made by homeowners here is $738 (before the hike), which is more than what owners of higher-priced homes in other neighborhoods pay annually. This pretty neighborhood of Raleigh scores high with prospective homeowners because of its proximity to the Wake County School District and a number of parks and recreational facilities.  The neighborhood is pet-friendly and the spacious layout ensures that there is ample parking space in front of every home.

Weather Tendencies

Although Raleigh does not have to face severe weather conditions as often as the coastal regions of North Carolina, there have been incidents of heavy snowfall in the recent past when the city was buried under more than 20 inches of snow. So homeowners who fortify their houses to withstand natural hazards can hope to have attractive discounts on their insurance premium rates.

Money Saving Decisions

Even though the insurance premiums have been hiked all over North Carolina, Raleigh homeowners can take heart from the fact that theirs have not skyrocketed and that they can obtain stellar deals with a few smart moves—reinforcing their homes to withstand weather damage, bundling policies, and paying premiums timely.

Additional Resources

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