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Kansas Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Kansas is one of the best states in the Midwest to live and play. It offers everything from small towns bursting with charm to the big city attractions and convenience of Kansas City.

The possibilities that Kansas offers are nearly limitless. You can get out and explore the outdoors in the Tallgrass Prairie or head indoors to check out the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City. When its time to eat, Kansas offers a wide variety of choices from small town diners to world-class restaurants.

Kansas consists of 213,000 square kilometers, which makes it the 15th largest state in terms of area, and it ranks number 34 when it comes to population with 2.9 million people calling Kansas home.

If you are considering a move to Topeka, the capitol of Kansas, or one of our other cities such as Kansas City, Wichita, Dodge City or Spring Hill, you will never regret living in the beautiful state of Kansas.

Kansas Facts

According to the most recent census, Kansas has 2,853,118 residents, which works out to roughly 2,180 households per zip code in Kansas. The average number of people living in each household is three.

Kansas does have a pretty low average household income at $37,109, which is below the national average, but the good news is that houses are very affordable in the Sunflower State with the average house value coming in at $65,221.

Homeowners Insurance in Kansas

When it comes to the cost of insuring your new home in Kansas, you can expect to pay a bit more than the national average. In Kansas, the average premium for a HO-3 policy is $1,343 while the national average comes in at $1,034.

Even though homeowners insurance in Kansas is priced pretty well, there are ways to push your premium down even further. Here are a few tips on how to lower your homeowners insurance cost:

  • Shop Around: Always shop your homeowners insurance coverage on a regular basis. Most experts recommend doing this at least once a year. It is the best way to save as insurance companies rate risk differently and the difference between premiums can be dramatic. Always compare apples to apples in terms of deductible and coverage levels when shopping.
  • Discounts: Every insurance company out there offers discounts, so you should make sure you're getting all discounts you are entitled to receive. There are a wide variety of home insurance discounts, and the savings can really add up, a few of the more common discounts include bundling, security systems, and even going paperless on your policy and bills.
  • Update Your House: Another great way to save is by adding a security or sprinkler system to your home, which can result in a significant discount. If you live in a storm prone area replacing your roof with wind resistant materials or adding storm shutters will also result in a discount.

Rates by Homeowners Insurance Type

There are a number of different types of insurance and each one is specifically designed for the type of home that it protects. Here is a quick overview of the various homeowner insurance types as well as the average premium for each according to data from the NAIC.

Dwelling Fire: This is a very slimmed-down version of the standard policy and offers a very narrow range of coverage. Dwelling fire policies are usually much cheaper but they only cover fire and smoke damage. Some policies will also cover damage from vandalism, explosions and possibly wind.

NAIC data shows that the average premium for a DF policy in Kansas, regardless of whether you are living in Lenexa or Gardner is a very affordable $527 but only 1.2 percent of policies in Kansas are Dwelling Fire.

HO-2: The HO-2 policy is a basic homeowner policy but it does offer more robust protection than a dwelling fire. These policies only cover perils that are specifically listed in the policy wording.

A tiny 2.9 percent of homeowners in Kansas have a HO-2 policy and the average premium is $1,248.

HO-3: An HO-3 policy is considered the standard when it comes to homeowners insurance and this is the type of policy most people in Leavenworth, Prairie Village or any other city in Kansas carry. A HO-3 will offer protection from all perils except those that are specifically excluded in the policy. It is important to note that all homeowner policies exclude flood and earthquake damage.

NAIC data shows that the HO-3 is the most popular policy type with 56.7 percent of homeowners carrying it. The average policy price of the HO-3 is $1,343.

HO-4: This policy is designed specifically for people who live in apartments. Also called renters insurance, an HO-4 policy protects your personal possessions as well as offering liability coverage in case someone is injured in your apartment.

These policies are quite popular in Kansas with 18.8 percent of policies written in the Sunflower State being HO-4s.

HO-5: These policies tend to be written on more upscale homes that are newer. A standard policy of this type will protect you from loss of use, any additional structures on your property and cover your personal property against all perils except those specifically excluded in the policy. In most cases these policies are not available on older homes.

The average cost for this type of coverage in Kansas is $1,470 according to NAIC data and about 18.1 percent of policies are this type.

H0-6: The HO-6 policy is written and designed for people who live in a co-op or condo. These types of policies will cover your personal possessions as well as any structural components of the building that you actually own such as the interior walls of your particular unit. In most cases the coverage offered by these policies is limited to 16 specific perils.

In Kansas, roughly 1.4 percent of policies are HO-6s.

Factors to Consider in Kansas

Severe weather is always going to be a consideration in Kansas as it falls into the parameters of Tornado Alley. Tornadoes and severe weather can do extensive damage to a home including complete destruction. All of these things would fall under the protection of a homeowners insurance policy.

While it is impossible to get your home out of the path of the tornado, upgrading your roof to wind resistant materials and adding storm shutters can help to minimize damage caused by severe storms.

It's important to remember that homeowners insurance should be saved for major incidents and small damages should be paid out of pocket. If you have a number of small claims on your policy expect your premiums to go up dramatically.

If you are making the move to Andover, Coffeyville, or any other of our beautiful towns or cities you will need to find the best policy for your new home. We can easily help you shop and compare up to 12 different Kansas home insurance premiums and apply all the available discounts and credits.

Get started today, contact us to get a quote on your homeowners insurance in Kansas.

Average Homeowners Insurance Premiums in Kansas

With over 95% of all Americans are known to have homeowners insurance coverage, it's important to know what Kansas homeowners are paying on average. Did you know that the average homeowners insurance premium in Kansas is $1478? Kansas is now ranked 14 in the country. The country wide average for homeowners in the United States is $1,311. This means the average home insurance premium in Kansas is 12.74% more than the national average.

YearAverage Annual PremiumAverage Monthly PremiumState Rank (Overall)
2020$1478 (-2.7%)$ 12314
2019$1519 (-6.1%)$ 12711
2018$1617 (2.06%)$ 1356
2017$1584 (2.3%)$ 1325
2016$1548 (1.1%)$ 1295

When we combine the state averages over the last decade, the Kansas overall average is estimated to be around $1,385.27. Our homeowners insurance quoting and rating process helps you compare homeowners insurance quotes, coverages and premiums. Kansas current state rank compare to the rest of the country is #14. Consider shopping your Kansas home insurance with us so we can help you save up to 40% or more on your policy.

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Kansas Housing & Real Estate Data

Total Housing Units1233215
Occupied Housing Units1112096
Vacant Housing Units121119
Vacant Housing Units for Rent40445
Vacant Housing Units Rented Not Occupied1962
Vacant Housing Units For Sale16286
Vacant Housing Units Sold Not Occupied5267
Vacant Housing Units For Seasonal Occasional Use12763
Vacant Housing Units All Other Vacants44396
Housing Units Homeowner Vacancy Rate Percent2.1
Housing Units Rental Vacancy Rate Percent10.1
Housing Tenure Occupied Units1112096
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Owner Occupied753532
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Owner Occupied Population1959801
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Owner Occupied Averge Household Size2.6
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Renter Occupied358564
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Renter Occupied Population814243
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Renter Occupied Average Household Size2.27

Understanding Kansas Homeowners Insurance

When shopping for Kansas homeowners insurance quotes you should be aware of the various types of insurance policies that are available in your area:

  • HO-3: This is the most common type of homeowers policy. This policy type protects your home against all perils, except ones that are specifically excluded. In most cases earthquake and flood damage are excluded.
  • H0-6: This policy type is specifically written for condos or co-ops. If you own a condo or live in a co-op building this type of policy is a necessity. A HO-6 policy covers both your personal belongings and the structural parts of the building that you own. There are 16 disasters listed on a typical policy that HO-6 protects against.
  • HO-4: If you are looking for Kansas renters insurance, a HO-4 policy is a great option. Renters insurance will cover your contents as well as offer liability coverage in the event a person is injured in your apartment.

While other types of policies exist, these are the most common ones. A HO-2 is a more basic policy that offers reduced coverage levels and a HO-5 is a high-end policy that offers increased protection.

If you are shopping for a new home in Kansas, homeowners insurance is a must do. We can help you find the perfect policy for your new home, regardless of whether you need a standard HO-3 policy, HO-6 or renters insurance, our site makes shopping for homeowners insurance quotes easy. Visit our online quoting application today and let us help you shop and compare up to 12 different Kansas rates and coverage options.