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Tennessee Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Tennessee is ranked in the middle in terms of home insurance cost compare to other states, it's average average rank is 24. Shopping for Tennessee homeowners insurance is easier when you live in a state that is protected from major wind or floods because the risk is lower and of course the premiums become cheaper. This is why getting free home insurance quotes from is so easy! You can simply enter your zip code above and compare carriers, coverages and prices.

Although Tennesse is not on the coast and is protected from North Carolina to the east and South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama from the south the state of Tennessee is know for it's large volume of rain fall and thunderstorms. Some of the major loss types are derived from thunderstoms which can cause flooding and lightning. It's important to always make sure your home is not in a flood zone, so speak with your home insurance agent about the location of your home and the best coverage options available for your most valuable investment.

Average Homeowners Insurance Premiums in Tennessee

With over 95% of all Americans are known to have homeowners insurance coverage, it's important to know what Tennessee homeowners are paying on average. Did you know that the average homeowners insurance premium in Tennessee is $1296? Tennessee is now ranked 21 in the country. The country wide average for homeowners in the United States is $1,311. This means the average home insurance premium in Tennessee is 1.14% less than the national average.

YearAverage Annual PremiumAverage Monthly PremiumState Rank (Overall)
2020$1296 (2.9%)$ 10821
2019$1259 (2.2%)$ 10521
2018$1232 (2.97%)$ 10323
2017$1196 (0.92%)$ 10022
2016$1185 (3.08%)$ 9921

When we combine the state averages over the last decade, the Tennessee overall average is estimated to be around $1,107.27. Our homeowners insurance quoting and rating process helps you compare homeowners insurance quotes, coverages and premiums. Tennessee current state rank compare to the rest of the country is #21. Consider shopping your Tennessee home insurance with us so we can help you save up to 40% or more on your policy.

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Tennessee Housing & Real Estate Data

Total Housing Units2812133
Occupied Housing Units2493552
Vacant Housing Units318581
Vacant Housing Units for Rent98370
Vacant Housing Units Rented Not Occupied3980
Vacant Housing Units For Sale47274
Vacant Housing Units Sold Not Occupied10518
Vacant Housing Units For Seasonal Occasional Use60778
Vacant Housing Units All Other Vacants97661
Housing Units Homeowner Vacancy Rate Percent2.7
Housing Units Rental Vacancy Rate Percent11
Housing Tenure Occupied Units2493552
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Owner Occupied1700592
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Owner Occupied Population4304472
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Owner Occupied Averge Household Size2.53
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Renter Occupied792960
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Renter Occupied Population1888161
Housing Tenure Occupied Units Renter Occupied Average Household Size2.38

Understanding Tennessee Homeowners Insurance

When shopping for Tennessee homeowners insurance quotes you should be aware of the various types of insurance policies that are available in your area:

  • HO-3: This is the most common type of homeowers policy. This policy type protects your home against all perils, except ones that are specifically excluded. In most cases earthquake and flood damage are excluded.
  • H0-6: This policy type is specifically written for condos or co-ops. If you own a condo or live in a co-op building this type of policy is a necessity. A HO-6 policy covers both your personal belongings and the structural parts of the building that you own. There are 16 disasters listed on a typical policy that HO-6 protects against.
  • HO-4: If you are looking for Tennessee renters insurance, a HO-4 policy is a great option. Renters insurance will cover your contents as well as offer liability coverage in the event a person is injured in your apartment.

While other types of policies exist, these are the most common ones. A HO-2 is a more basic policy that offers reduced coverage levels and a HO-5 is a high-end policy that offers increased protection.

If you are shopping for a new home in Tennessee, homeowners insurance is a must do. We can help you find the perfect policy for your new home, regardless of whether you need a standard HO-3 policy, HO-6 or renters insurance, our site makes shopping for homeowners insurance quotes easy. Visit our online quoting application today and let us help you shop and compare up to 12 different Tennessee rates and coverage options.