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North Carolina Joint Underwriters and Wind Pool Map Explained

28 Dec
North Carolina Coastal Counties

North Carolina is a lovely state to call home. Our state is packed with beautiful cities, museums, restaurants and of course, some of the loveliest beaches in the country. Unfortunately, if you live in one of our amazing coastal southern cities such as Ocean Isle Beach, Holden Beach, Oak Island Beach, Calabash, Bald Head Island, […]

Best Way to Read Your Home Insurance Policy

02 Feb

Purchasing home insurance is an absolute necessity and is an important part of your financial portfolio as a homeowner. Understanding the coverages that your policy provides is also extremely important.  While a home insurance policy can seem complicated, they are typically pretty standard and not that mind bending if you have a basic understanding of […]

New California Law Increasing Insurance Coverage for Wildfire

29 Oct

Curtis Panasuk was forced to evacuate his home located in Ben Lomond (Santa Cruz County) California when the CZU Lightning Complex fires hit in August according to a recent San Francisco Chronicle article.  In the article he said he could hear dynamite-like explosions in the San Lorenzo Valley when nearby homes burned which caused their propane […]

What Happens If Your Insurance Company Goes Out Of Business?

01 Jun

As more businesses shut their doors forever due to fallout from coronavirus, you may be concerned that your insurer could eventually go bankrupt. Luckily, insurance companies are regulated at the state level and all 50 states have systems in place to help protect policyholders if their insurer ends up going out of business. Let’s have […]

What is a Business Owners Insurance Policy?

19 Feb

A business owners insurance policy, which is also known as BOP insurance, is a policy that combines business liability and property insurance in one easy to purchase package. It is a popular coverage with small and medium sized businesses. It can be useful for businesses such as retail stores, contractors, restaurants and even wholesalers.  Just […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Renovation Damage?

04 Dec

Renovating your home can be both thrilling and scary. It’s always fun to dream up a new look for your house and then watch it come into focus as the changes become reality. Renovations are often filled with anxiety, changes to the design and unpleasant surprises behind the walls. They can also come with damage […]

How to Prepare Your Home Insurance Portfolio and Future Budget

15 Nov

Climate change has made weather events more frequent and severe over the last decade and that has made homeowner claims more common and expensive. Insurers have had to absorb the cost of these additional claims and end up passing those costs onto their customers via higher premiums.  Unfortunately, many homeowners are finding themselves unprepared for […]

Top 5 Common Halloween Related Events That Can Result in an Insurance Claim

30 Oct

Halloween can be a blast, trick or treating, handing out candy to all of the neighborhood ghouls and just seeing the various costumes that come to your door. Unfortunately, Halloween can also bring out teens who like to add vandalism and property damage to their trick or treat routine.  In addition to worrying about vandalism, […]

How to Protect Those High Value Property Items That You Own

17 Oct

Collectibles can increase in value over time until they are worth a significant amount of money. This can include a wide variety of collectibles, everything from comic books, wines, cigars, sports memorabilia, movie props, coins, art and jewelry can appreciate over time until they are worth a small fortune. These types of assets really need […]