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Louisiana Bill and Flood Insurance Coverage

27 May

Sunset on Lake Martin, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Recently, a Louisiana bill that is designed to make it easier for private insurers to offer flood insurance in the state was sent back to the House to look at amendments that were added by the Louisiana Senate. The House Bill 577 was introduced by Rep. Scott McKnight, […]

Flood Risk Report Released

10 May

The Insurance Information Institute (III) recently released  a new report entitled Flood: Beyond Risk Transfer. It predicts that major flood events will grow over the next 30 years, even though insurance and policymakers improve their abilities to reduce flood risks. “Our understanding of loss trends and expertise in assessing and quantifying risk must be joined at […]

Federal Flood Insurance Program in the Eye of the Storm

01 Feb
Hurricane Sandy Flooded Homes

The pun is purely unintended but that is what the shape of things with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is right now! And homeowners are a worried lot, especially after realizing the catastrophe that hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy are capable of unleashing. The irony of the situation is that although this program was […]