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Florida has 7 New Home Insurance Companies Entering the Market

01 Mar

Recently, Florida has seen seven new insurance companies enter the market for homeowners coverage. Currently, the average premium for homeowners coverage is $6,000 a year in the Sunshine state compared to a nationwide average of just $1,700 a year, according to the Insurance Information Institute.  The Insurance Information Institute is hopeful that the new insurance […]

The Perception of Home Insurance Fraud in Florida: Unraveling the Skepticism

24 May

Florida, renowned for its stunning coastline and warm weather, has long been a popular destination for homeowners. However, amidst the tranquil palm trees and sandy beaches, a notable segment of Floridians holds a deep-seated skepticism towards home insurance companies. While it is essential to acknowledge that not all residents share this sentiment, it is worth […]

Another Florida Homeowners Insurance Company Is In Trouble

27 Apr

It looks like another homeowners insurance company is in trouble in Florida. Recently, FedNat Holding Company, which sell homeowners insurance and other insurance products under the name FedNat Insurance Company, was downgraded from A to S by Demotech, a consulting company that rates the financial health of insurance companies. According to Demotech, an A rating […]