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Texas is Seeing Major Increases in the Cost of Homeowners Insurance

07 May

Like much of the rest of the country, Texas is seeing major increases in the cost of homeowners insurance. According to an article in Austin American-Stateman, residents of Texas have seen their insurance rates go up 50.9% on average which is the largest increase in the country for that time period. Unfortunately, experts are predicting […]

Experts See Optimism About Florida’s Homeowners Insurance Market

31 Aug
Florida home insurance companies and rates

While it may sound too good to be true, according to industry experts, there is finally a bit of optimism about Florida’s homeowners insurance market. While they don’t foresee rates dropping anytime soon, they are hopeful that the insurance market is stabilizing which could lead to minor rate drops next year or at least a […]

2023 Average Home Insurance Premium is Expected to Climb to $1,784/yr.

23 Aug

As the cost of homeowners insurance continues to head up, it is more important than ever to look for ways to keep your premium affordable. According to Money Magazine, the average home insurance premium is expected to climb to $1,784 in 2023 which is a shocking 9% increase from 2022. We thought it might be […]

2023 Average Florida Property Insurance Rates

04 Aug

If you ever wondered, how much does the average Florida homeowner pay for property insurance, you are not alone. Unfortunately, the answer is not easy to find as estimates vary wildly. While estimates vary, in most cases, homeowners can agree that insurance rates are skyrocketing, and coverage is getting harder to find.  While legislation was […]

Great News for Florida Homeowners Insurance Rates

20 May

Finally, some good news for Florida homeowners when it comes to the cost to insure their homes. Sunshine State residents have seen their insurance premiums go up dramatically over the last decade. In fact, according to Insurance.com, Florida has the most expensive homeowners insurance premiums in the country with an average premium of $3,575. If […]

Homeowners Insurance Rates Have Gone Up In Every State

13 May

If your homeowners insurance premium has been on an upward trajectory for the last few years, you are not alone. A recent study discovered that homeowners insurance rates have gone up in every state over the last decade and in the midwest the rate increases have been pretty dramatic. The reason for these rate increases […]

Texas Homeowners Could Witness Insurance Rate Increase

11 Mar

Colors of hope along the downtown Austin, Texas area skyline. Texas homeowners could be seeing a premium hike or increase in deductibles this year according to a recent Insurance Journal article. Insurance companies that sell homeowners insurance in Texas have been filing for rate increases with the state regulators over the last couple of years […]

Florida Tops Texas For Highest Homeowners Insurance Rates On Average

09 Mar
Average Home Insurance Rates Per State

Looking for ways to lower your homeowners insurance premium? Don’t move to Florida. Despite the fact that Florida has not seen a major hurricane is over 10 years, residents of the sunshine state still pay the highest homeowner premiums in the country according to a recent report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The […]