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How do Insurers Calculate Home Insurance Premium Rates?

18 Sep
Calculating Home Insurance Premiums and Rates

Over the past decade or so, homeowners across the United States have seen a steady increase in their home insurance premium rates. The rates have risen by 36 percent across the nation from 2003 to 2010 and states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama have witnessed some of the sharpest spikes […]

Homeowners: Do you know your claim frequency?

12 Jul
Home Insurance Claim Frequencies

As a homeowner, it’s important to know how often claims occur. The idea that “it won’t happen to me” can become a sudden disappointment when it comes to common frequencies of home insurance claims across the country. Knowing what can happen helps you get prepared for what could happen that’s why we have listed the […]

How can the SC Safe Home Program Help Lower Insurance Prices?

14 Jun
Hurricane Hugo - September 21, 1989

The South Carolina Safe Home Program under the aegis of the South Carolina Department of Insurance provides funds to individual homeowners to help them undertake retrofitting measures that will reinforce their homes against the ravaging effects of hurricanes and tropical storms. Homeowners whose properties have insured values of less than $300,000 are eligible for these […]

Is Force-Placed Insurance On its Way Out?

03 May

A recent piece of news has had Georgia homeowners and prospective home buyers sit up and take notice. According to The New York Times, the federal and state housing regulatory have swooped down on a long-standing practice called the force-placed insurance and are toying with the idea to trim the fees that banks charge insurance […]

Making Sense of the Hullaballoo Around Home Value Protection Insurance in Georgia

09 Apr

It banged loudly to be let in. It screamed for attention and managed to hog the headlines whilst it was around. And then it sank almost without a whimper. Many market watchers, financial pundits, and industry analysts hailed Home Value Protection as the most innovative and considerate home insurance product to have hit the market […]

How do Flood Incidence Rates Affect Home Insurance Prices in Georgia?

04 Apr
SFHA Limitation Diagram

The burgeoning economy of Georgia buoyed by the many Fortune 500 and 1,000 companies in the state that employ millions of people and a thriving industrial and agricultural scene, a military presence evident in the army, navy, and air force installations scattered all over the state, and a superlative healthcare system that spreads even to […]

Are You Eligible to Receive a Home Insurance Rate Discount in Georgia?

28 Mar
Downtown Augusta Georgia

This is one question that almost all Georgia homeowners have on their lips nowadays. And it is not at all surprising considering that their houses are most likely their single biggest investment till date. The ever-rising prices of gasoline and the burgeoning tax rates mean that the dollar today goes far less the distance than […]

An Ominous Signal (for some): Is Life Insurance a Thing of the Past?

13 Feb

Recent news coverage and market reports seem to suggest that life insurance may soon become a thing of the past; and worldwide insurance companies are struggling to stop their frustrated customers from surrendering their policies! Some of the major players have either downsized by selling large chunks of their businesses or they have simply disappeared […]