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5 New Homeowners Insurance Companies Step into the Florida Insurance Market

27 Sep

Florida’s property insurance disaster may be taking baby steps in the right direction as five new insurers step into the Florida market, taking over hundreds of thousands from Citizens Property, Florida’s insurer of last resort. This could lead to more insurance options for residents of the Sunshine State soon. The five companies in the mix […]

Reevaluating Your Insurance Needs After Retirement

24 Mar

Once you hit retirement, everything changes. You may have a new schedule, a new home and location as well as time to pursue your passions instead of worrying about getting to work. One other major change that you should absolutely take care of is your insurance coverage.  While your new lifestyle may make some of […]

Should You Buy a House or a Condo?

21 Aug

If you are in the market for a new home, there are plenty of options available, but two of the most common choices are a single-family house or a condo. There are significant differences between these two types of housing and it’s important to fully understand the differences before putting in an offer.  Here are […]

69% of Homeowners Wish They Had Saved More Money

14 Aug

A recent survey by Freedom Debt Relief found that many American homeowners are having trouble paying off their homes and wish they would have saved up a bit more down payment money before purchasing their home. The survey polled 1,028 U.S. homeowners who were carrying at least $10,000 in unsecured debt. Unsecured debt includes credit […]

Which states face the biggest risks to climate change?

09 Aug

There is no doubt that climate change will impact everyone’s future but as sea levels rise, temperatures climb and more hurricanes, tornados and forest fires hit the United States, it will impact some states harder than others.  Recently, ValuePenguin used data from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and found that three states, Louisiana, New […]

Hurricane Season: Understanding Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

22 Jul

Unfortunately, many homeowners never read their policies and are unaware of what is covered and even more importantly, what is not covered. The storm season is well under way and has already delivered some severe damage to numerous locations. When a severe storm hits, most homeowners want to know if their homeowners insurance policy will […]

Update on the Assignment of Benefits (AOB) Issue in Florida

27 Feb

View of a Southwest style Florida home in the countryside. In the continuing battle over the assignment of benefits (AOB) issue in Florida, the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee recently tabled a bill (SB 122) that had been sponsored by Chairman Doug Broxson, R-Gulf Breeze. The bill was designed to limit attorney fees in AOB […]