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Homes Are Now Less Affordable Compared to Historical Averages

01 Oct

A recent report by ATTOM, curator of the nation’s premier property database found that median-priced single-family homes are now less affordable when compared to historical averages in 75 percent of counties across the nation. This figure is up from the 56 percent jump that ATTOM reported in the third quarter of 2020. This is the […]

Top 6 Most Expensive Cities for Homeownership

11 Dec

While the dream of homeownership has become more difficult in many cities due to rising home prices and ever increasing amounts of student debt, there are some cities where house prices require a six figure salary in order to purchase a home. In its recently released Home Price Insights report, real estate and data analytics […]

69% of Homeowners Wish They Had Saved More Money

14 Aug

A recent survey by Freedom Debt Relief found that many American homeowners are having trouble paying off their homes and wish they would have saved up a bit more down payment money before purchasing their home. The survey polled 1,028 U.S. homeowners who were carrying at least $10,000 in unsecured debt. Unsecured debt includes credit […]

These Expenses Hit Retirees Hard

13 Dec
Retirement Couple Enjoying Life!

Retirement budgeting can be a challenge and according to a recent survey unexpected expenses can really throw a wrench into the works. The survey, done by the Society of Actuaries, found that roughly have of retirees in their mid 70’s could not cover an unplanned expense of $10,000. Baby boomers are also having a difficult […]

The True Cost of Homeownership

12 Oct
Homeownership Cost and Home Buying Tips

Homeownership comes with a variety of advantages. You are investing in a property and gaining equity instead of forking over rent to a landlord every month, you have a house you can call your own as well as a pretty nice tax deduction every year. However, it’s not all upside when it comes to homeownership […]