Is there any way to prevent mold formation in the house?

29 Apr
Is there any way to prevent mold formation in the house?


Mold tends to occur in areas that are prone to excessive moisture or in areas that experience long periods of humidity. It is therefore important to ensure that excessive moisture is avoided. Some of the tell-tale signs of mold include water marks on the walls as well as ceilings and musty smells. Mold can be cleaned with water and bleach. Standard home insurance policies do not provide coverage for mold. This is because coverage is typically provided for accidents and not for cleaning or maintenance. But mold occurrence due to a flood or burst pipe may be covered.

  • Certain tips to avoid and reduce mold can help homeowners take sufficient and stellar care of their homes and avoid mold cleaning expenses.
  • Humidity is a factor responsible for the growth of mold, as already mentioned. Humidity can be reduced by the use of air conditioners and putting exhaust fans in the bathroom as well as kitchen or cooking areas.
  • Carpets in areas such as basements or bathrooms should be avoided. Bleach can be an excellent agent for cleaning mold.
  • All pipes, hoses, as well as fittings should be inspected on a regular basis and replaced every five years. The frequent cleaning of gutters should also be done. Regularly inspect the roof so as to ensure that water does not seep from the roof into the home.
  • In the event of a flooding certain steps can be taken to reduce possible mold growth. All soaked carpets should be removed since these tend to trap bacteria which can lead to mold among other bacterial developments. All areas of standing water in the house should be cleared out as well, which is a way to combat the mosquito count harrasment in your home as well.