What information will my insurance agent require?

18 Nov
What information will my insurance agent require?


The easiest way to attain a quick quote for home insurance providers is to gather all the information before you start asking for quotes. Some of the questions you will be asked includes:

  • What is the square footage of your home?
  • What type of construction is it and how old is the roof?
  • What is the amount of liability coverage that you are looking at?
  • Is your current home the primary one?
  • Do you have any pets and if yes, which ones?
  • Have you filed any home insurance claims in the last 5 years and if yes, what are the details?
  • How old is your home?
  • When was the last time the electricity, heating, and plumbing were revamped or updated?
  • Remember to provide the most accurate details to all these questions so you can receive the most accurate quote. Given detailed information, like the age of your roof can easily save you $200 to $500+ a year if your home has a new roof. Please visit our homeowners insurance discounts and credits page to learn more about what you can do to discount your insurance premiums.