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77554 Homeowners Insurance Rate Quotes

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77554 Average Premium is Rated: Very High!

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77554 Home Insurance Average Premiums

Local 77554 homeowners insurance quotes comparison

$1220 /yr.

Shows Zip Code: 77554 lowest rates with discounts applied on average.

For the 77554, homeowners insurance rates may vary on deductible, coverage amount and property details. Below is a list of the averages based on the cost of an annual home insurance premium.

Coverage Amount:Annual Premium
1800 sq. ft. or below
(discounts applied)
$1220 /yr.
Average Coverage:$1470 /yr.
2600 sq. ft. or higher
(all discounts applied)
$1770 /yr.

What is the average home insurance cost for a home in 77554?

  • • The average homeowners insurance premium paid annually for a home in 77554 is around $1470 per year.

What does it cost on average per month for home insurance in 77554?

  • • Homeowners in 77554 pay a monthly average cost per month around $123.00.

What kind of discount could I get if I combine my home and auto insurance together in 77554?

  • • Autoowners in 77554 can receive a 20% to 25% discount if they own a home and would like to group or bundle their car and home insurance together with one insurance company.

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Home Replacement Cost Coverage in 77554

Average Building Cost Per Square Foot in 77554: $129

Location: Galveston, Texas (Galveston County)

Average Square Footage in 77554: 2,450 Sq. Ft.

When building or updating a home, it's always good to review the average cost per square foot to build in 77554 before you start any project. Galveston homeowners pay on average around $129 per square foot to build a home. Another great reason to know the average cost to build is for your homeowners insurance policy. A standard homeowners policy will help you cover the replacement cost of your home due a fire or any other named perils on your policy. Calculating your dwelling coverage for your home in 77554 is extremely helpful when estimating how much replacement cost coverage you need. We highly recommend that you have enough dwelling coverage to rebuild your home if it was destroyed by a covered peril.

Here is how you determine your replacement cost. If we take an average home in 77554 and want to estimated the dwelling coverage, than we will need the square footage of the home which is 2,450 sq. ft. and the average cost to rebuild the home in this area is around $129 per square foot would be considered a base estimate cost. These two numbers would allow us to generate the replacement cost needed for an average size home in the Galveston area. If the home is new or has been upgraded, you will want to add $50 to $100 or more per square foot to equally cover the replacement cost to restore a home back to it's original condition.

Home Improvement StatusPrice per Sq. Ft.Square FeetDwelling Coverage
Basic Home Features$1292,450$316,000
Additional Upgrades & Added Features$1612,450$395,000
Major Home Updates or Advancements$1942,450$474,000

It's important to understand that when you estimate your replacement cost of your home in the 77554 zip code area, it will be the cost to replace the structure of your home, not the additional value of the property that is factored in when purchasing a new home.

Best Homeowners Insurance Agencies in 77554

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Housing Demographics for 77554

Population Review for 77554 Zip Code

For the city of Galveston, the population within 77554 has increased to over 14,253 residents in population size. The current population total is 8,961. We have broken down the population based on race below. In 77554, there are over 4432 in male population and 4529 females.

Total Population8,961
White Population7225
Black Population307
Hispanic Population1188
Asian Population217
Hawaiian Population5
Indian Population66
Other Population388
Male Population4432
Female Population4529
Population Estimate14253

Household Data for 77554

The average number of homes in 77554 is around 4,138, there are an average of 2.02 per household. The average house value according to local real estate values is around $316,000. Please review the following demographics below for average income and media age.

Housing / Income DataValues
Households Per Zipcode4,138
Persons Per Household2.02
Average House Value$316,000
Income Per Household$81058
Median Age54.6
Median Age Male53.9
Median Age Female55.2
77554 DetailsValues
State Full NameTexas
City TypeP
City Alias Abbreviation
Area Code409
City Alias NameGALVESTON
County FIPS167
State FIPS48
Time Zone6
Day Light SavingY
CBSA_NameHouston-Pasadena-The Woodlands, TX
MSA_NameHouston-Galveston-Brazoria, TX CMSA
PMSA_NameGalveston-Texas City, TX PMSA
DivisionWest South Central
Economic & Growth ReviewValues
Number Of Businesses282
Number Of Employees3193
Business First Quarter Payroll33074
Business Annual Payroll155709
Business Employment Flag
Growth Rank0
Growth Housing Units 2003
Growth Housing Units 2004
Growth Increase Number0
Growth Increase Percentage0.0
Metropolitan DetailsValues
CBSA Population5946800
CBSA Division Population0
Congressional District14
Congressional LandArea2441.39
Delivery Residential7056
Delivery Business305
Delivery Total7265
Preferred Last Line KeyW23851
Classification Code
CSA NameHouston-Pasadena, TX
City State KeyW23851
Land Area31.105000
Water Area32.828000
City Alias Code
City Mixed CaseGalveston
City Alias Mixed CaseGalveston
Box Count0
State ANSI48
County ANSI167
ZIP Intro
Alias Intro
Facility CodeP
City Delivery IndicatorY
Carrier Route Rate SortationD
Finance Number483380
Unique ZIP Name
SSA State County Code45550
Medicare CBSA Code26420
Medicare CBSA NameHouston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX
Medicare CBSA TypeMetro
Market Rating Area ID10
County Mixed CaseGalveston

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