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Homeowners living in the west region of the country might not know that there are 6 major home insurance types for homeowners living in Oregon. When your online shopping for home insurance quotes in Oregon, it's important to review average rates in the "The Beaver State", but more imporantly average rates based on your coverage type. Depending on if you have a basic dwelling fire coverage or a standard HO-3 policy, rates will be different because the amount of risk being insured is different. An HO-3 is the most common and will cover your home against all perils, except those excluded within your policy, which often times includes flood or earthquake damage. As you know, homeowners living in the west region of the country have a great risk of earthquakes, that is why a separate policy may be required. We can help you shop multiple coverage options to determine which coverage type is best for you.

Below you will be able to review average premiums per coverage type, plus national averages. At GetHomeInsuranceQuotes.com, we can provide up to 12 competitive quotes to help you review the most affordable rates and coverage options. We also help you determine which coverage type is best and if any home insurance discounts can be applied, we like to help you save 40% or more on your new home insurance policy. Please review the average home insurance rates in Oregon per homeowners type and let us know if we can help you shop and compare rates today. Our online application and quotes review is free!

Review average homeowners insurance premiums in Oregon per coverage type.

Coverage TypeOverviewRatesCountrywideDifference
DWDwelling Fire Policy - slimmed down version that offers limited coverage, for example: fire and smoke only.$547$857$310
HO-1Basic 'named-perils' like fire, lightning or hail coverage on the home and personal property$389$1149$760
HO-2Broad 'named-perils' coverage on the home and personal property; provides coverage for more perils than HO-1 package.$636$1110$474
HO-3Most Common: Provides 'all-risks' coverage on the home, broad named-peril coverage on personal property. Insurance providers against risks of direct loss, except losses specifically stated in the policy, like flood damage.$568$1095$527
HO-5Provides 'all-risks' coverage on newer homes, more of an upscale policy.$515$1061$546
HO-8Older home policy which includes repair cost coverage for the dwelling where the replacement cost exceeds current market value.$594$937$343
TotalOregon's average including all coverage types$558$1085$527

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