Are there ways to reduce storm damage to my home and property?

15 Feb
Are there ways to reduce storm damage to my home and property?


In 2006, more than $63 million worth of property damage was recorded in the United States due to lightning, as per the 2006 Hazard Statistic Report collated by the National Weather Service. In the same year, lightning also caused over 47 deaths and over 246 injuries. With these statistics in mind, it is sensible that you should want to protect your home by reducing the amount of any possible storm damage by as much as possible. Most standard home insurance policies cover the damage caused by such storms. Some even go as far as covering the damage caused by power surges during lightning strikes. Power surges can cause irreparable damage to expensive appliances such as flat screen TV sets, computers, and gaming systems that are generally found in most homes in the country.

With so much at stake, it is best to reduce the risk of damage to life and property caused by lightning and storms by adhering to some of these warnings and accepting some of this advice:

  • Home Lightning Protection Systems: If lightning were to strike your home, the bolt could cause vital damage to all electrical components. If you have a home lightning protection system installed, your home will be protected because the bolt will have an alternative path to move safely toward the ground, steering clear of the electrical systems you need and want. In general, a home lightning protection system comprises of a variety of rods, conductive pathways leading from the roof of your home to the ground, conductor networks, grounding network, and bonding connections. Proper installation of such a system is extremely important and it is highly recommended to have it completed by licensed electricians and enterprises as such.
  • Surge Protectors: Using surge protectors can save your home from storm damage. UL-Listed surge protectors or arrestors must be installed in every electrical service panel in your home. This includes all power connections for your phones, computers, cable, power lines, and satellite. These protectors will stave off the effects of lightning and storm damage from your home electrical system, expensive and sensitive appliances, and other equipment. Power strips are not up to the job and surge protectors are a much better option. They will also help prevent electrical fires of any kind.
  • Unplugging Devices: When you know a storm is approaching and you are worried about power surges and electrical damage to your appliances and electronics, the best and most cost-effective way to save them is to simply unplug the devices. This will prevent any kind of power surge damage as well.