What are the ways in which I can prepare my family and my home for a hurricane?

15 Feb
What are the ways in which I can prepare my family and my home for a hurricane?


If you live in a hurricane-prone area, there are a few things that you can do to assure the safety of your family and improve the safety of your home.

  • Family Plan: A family plan is extremely essential in the event of a hurricane. Zero in on the safest areas in your home and ensure that the children known where they have to go in case of such an eventuality. It is a good idea to keep emergency numbers in easy reach around the home so that your children know whom to call during a hurricane.
  • Disaster Supply Kit: One of the best ways to prepare your home and family for a hurricane is to have a Disaster Supply Kit ready at hand. Such a kit would include water, blankets, food, clothing, first aid items, as well as some toiletries that will help tide you over for a while. If you are isolated and stuck for days or weeks due to a hurricane, your Disaster Supply Kit will see you through. You may also include other essential items such as cash, credit cards, essential documents, keys, and phones in your kit.
  • Moving Inland: In case of a hurricane, moving into a hotel or motel might not be a possible option. The best thing to do is to move inland to homes of friends or family. If you need to evacuate and intend to move to a shelter, obtain information about the local shelters in your area.
  • Securing your property: In order to secure your home and property during a hurricane, you will need to install security measures such as a sturdy roof, storm shutters, reinforced doors, and more. Your local building code official will be able to help you with a detailed list of what you can do to protect your home in case of a hurricane. It is important to remember that standard homeowners insurance policies carry no provision for flood damage reimbursement. Speak to your home insurance agent to figure out if you are covered with flood insurance or if you need additional coverage.
  • Donít forget your pets: Ensure that you have a recent picture of your pet along with the collar for identification purposes. In case of a hurricane, if you intend to keep your pets at a pet shelter, ensure that they are current in regards to all vaccination requirements.